Deepwater Horizon Settlement

As a result of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, there are numerous negative effects set into motion that has affected thousands of individuals and businesses. The areas most affected in the coastal economy were tourism, real estate, and the Oyster market.

Florida’s beaches attract numerous tourists and visitors each year. Once oil from the spill started appearing in Florida’s ocean water, the state had to close off the areas where “tar” appeared. According to newspaper sources, Florida lost at least $3 billion in tourism fees due to the oil spill.

Real estate was also affected as a result of the BP oil spill. Oil not only washed ashore in beach ocean water, but also soil and vegetation were contaminated with oil. Prior to the 2010 oil spill, an acre of land in Florida’s prime real estate cost somewhere between $2 million and $8 million; now, the real estate market has taken a deficit hit of ten percent.

While the oil spill in the Gulf affected all of the seafood industry (fish, shrimp, oyster, crab, etc.), the oyster market was affected in areas beyond the state of Florida or the Gulf Coast. According to reports, the oyster market loss approximately $30 billion regionally — a direct hit from the deep horizon spill.

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